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One Handed Typing Device for Mobile Computing

The one-handed typing glove allows users to type free of a keyboard providing freedom of movement and freedom from repetitive stress injury. The one handed device can be used with either the left or right hand.

It is based on Dr. Douglas Engelbart's original chorded key set and uses a combination of finger presses to type the entire alphabet. The alphabet is as simple to learn as the Alphabet in American Sign Language.

Mobile Chorded Keyset demo by Valerie Landau at The Program for the Future

Studies of groups of users:

Take or Send Non-Intrusive or Stealth Notes

Take Notes While Talking to Friends

-for students

-for meetings

-instant blogging

-myspace updating

-writers who want to take stealth notes


-spy / military / security

-text messaging crowd

-good way to collect stealth data


People with disabilities

- with only one functional hand
-with repetitive stress injury
-who need alternatives to standard devices- devices could be put in other places than their hands

Working with Children

In September 2007 Fig Leaf Technologies President Valerie Landau taught an 11 year old blind child ChaCha to type with the One-Handed Typing Device.

Excerpts from the first lesson with 11 year old Blind Child. Valerie Landau and ChaCha

working with children

Second Life and online games that require text and movement


Engage in discussion on Second Life with one while leaving the other hand free for other activities.

People who need to type while traveling

Walking and typing

-Business people
-Professional Writers
-Creatives that want to write outside


Interview with Dr. Douglas Engelbart and Valerie Landau about The HandWriter Typing Glove and Mouse. January 2008 short vesion.

CLIP-Engelbart explains one handed typing

Engelbart demonstrates early prototype of The HandWriter

Valerie Landau demonstrates The HandWriter on the XO at Program for the Future

Video of users Beta-testing the HandWriter
by Japanese journalist Nao
mobile computing power user

People who want to be able to type with one hand while using a mouse or other controller with the other hand.

People who use specified high-capability applications such as ProTools, PhotoShop, FinalCut Pro, Avid, etc.,

People who want to assign specific commands either to the standard keyboard or to the product

People who write outdoors

Surfer Writing Poetry

People who write outdoors

People who depend on text messaging as a primary means of e-communication

Sending Text Messages

People in an industry that need hands free but need to input data

-Warehouse, Inventory
-Integrated into protective suits (clean room, underwater, hazardous materials sites, etc)
-Movie production note-taking



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