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While working on a new interface device with Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse,Fig Leaf Technologies designer, Valerie Landau, accidentally buried her cell phone in a pile of conductive fabric. She called the phone--silence.

When she uncovered the phone she had received voice and text messages.

The nanoSilver fabric blocked the reception to the cell phone. And so...the Cell Phone Silencer bag was born.

Mechanic Mike McDowell and owner of H. Beck Motorsports explained, the silver fabric creates a metallic shield or "Faraday Cage" effect that blocks the radio frequency waves and electromagnetic fields.

RFID chips are now embedded in passports and hackers can steal information from up to 30 feet away.

Slip your passport into the Passport Protector bag to keep your information safe from hackers and unwanted snoops.

For centuries people used silver for its health benefits. A study published in 2009 proved that nanoSilver, kills bacteria and viruses better than silver in it's solid state and that when NanoSilver is in contact with ElectroMagnetic Fields silver's bacteria and virus killing properties are increased.

So, if you want to kill germs, place your open cell phone in the bag and wipe your hands.

Dr. Douglas Engelbart and Valerie LandauInventors Valerie Landau and Dr. Douglas Engelbart (inventor of the computer mouse.)
Cell Phone Silencer and Passport Protector

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RFID Blocking Wallet for your passport or other forms of Identification

Electromagnetic EMF blocking bag for your cell phone.

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